3 letter .com leads Sedo’s end user sales – Domain Name Wire

A plastic surgeon, a sports camp organizer, and a web3 racing game bought domain names.

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Two of Sedo’s sales this week were no-brainers for the buyers. Youth Enrichment Brands acquired YEB.com for only $38,000. The company operates a lot of sports camps, and I believe that most of these camps use unique websites. I recognize one of their brands, i9sports. The other no-brainer was a German company that uses the domain pre5ent.de buying present.de for €2,999. The former is a horrific domain name.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

YEB.com $38,000 – Youth Enrichment Brands got a great deal on this three letter domain. The company operates sports camps.

Sylke.com $12,500 and Sylke.net $5,000 – These domains forward to drmofid.com, the website for a plastic surgeon in San Diego. In March, this doctor applied for a trademark for Sylke in March for “Bioprotein scaffolding dressing for surgical wounds.”

Mozart.xyz $10,000 – Yep, it’s a web3 company. According to its site, “We are building the first purpose-built blockchain to power the creator economy in web3. To do this we’ve defined an NFT with superpowers: the usage NFT. The usage NFT is designed to measure and compensate creators based on the consumption of their works. It is served by our protocol to web3 dApps, empowering the creator by establishing ownership and control over their works.” See other five-figure .xyz sales this year that have been developed.

Woomhost .com $3,800 – Woomhost is a free hosting provider.

BattleDrive.com $3,220 – BattleDrive is going to be a web3 racing game.

Present.de €2,999 – Talk about a necessary domain acquisition! The buyer sells alcoholic gifts using the domain name Pre5ent.de. Yes, they sub a 5 for the s.

Genuss.co $2,999 – The buyer is connected to a company called Genuss Media GmbH. He has purchased similar domains on Sedo.

GoUltraLow.com $2,950 – Go Ultra Low is a site about electric vehicles.

VR-payment.com $2,888 – VR Payment GmbH is a payments company that uses the domain VR-payment.de. It doesn’t have anything to do with Virtual Reality.

Realove.com €2,250 – PalmaFactory Group S.L. has developed a number of apps and technologies. I suspect this is for one of its new projects.

Tetrao.com $2,200 – Tetrao is a brand of hunting gear with the social purpose of bringing great crested grebe back into nature. This domain forwards to a page selling Tetrao-branded gear on ibo.sk.

MyHive.eu €2,000 – MyHive is a co-working company. It forwards this domain to myhive-offices.com.