Plans to Provide an NFT Domain Name to 83 has announced it has partnered with the Web3 digital identity platform and NFT domain name provider Unstoppable Domains in order to launch .blockchain NFT domains. The company says that in the next few weeks, 83 million wallet users will get a free .blockchain domain. Partners With Unstoppable Domains — Firms Launch 1st Branded Top-Level Domain has

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Bitcoin Exchange Giving Users Free NFT

Early Bitcoin exchange and wallet provider announced on Friday it will give its millions of customers a free NFT domain, a tool that will let them use a simple human-friendly username such as jeff.blockchain in place of the long string of random characters that make up a wallet address.

The giveaway is being carried out via Unstoppable Domains, a

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Unstoppable Domains x Create .blockchain

Unstoppable Domains has announced today that it is launching .blockchain NFT domain names. The major Web3 platform for digital identity is launching these domains in partnership with the popular crypto exchange So what exactly is Unstoppable Domains and how will these new names work?

The partnership with represents the first-ever branded domain names by Unstoppable Domains.

About the

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9 things to do in The Hague next week – Domain Name Wire

Here are some suggestions for what to do in The Hague next week during ICANN 74.

Older buildings in The Hague with skyscrapers in the background, water in the foreground
Here’s what to do while in The Hague for ICANN 74.

The first in-person ICANN meeting in nearly three years kicks off in The Hague next week, so I crowdsourced some suggestions for what to do while visiting The Hague.

I’m told that The

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Why The Right Business Domain Name Is Essential

Your website plays a huge part in your digital presence. Stating the obvious, a domain name is indispensable for people to get to your website. A domain name says a lot about the business behind it. That’s why it’s essential that you choose the right one.

Digital marketing is central to any marketing strategy. At the core of all your

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Brands and Blockchain Domain Names

With the emergence and growth of the blockchain domain name market, there has been quite a bit of discussion about domain names with trademarks and famous brand names. There is well-established intellectual property law related to traditional (Web2) domain names, but there are plenty of questions related to decentralized blockchain domain names with famous trademarks in them.

The EnCirca Twitter

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