Introduction to E Commerce and Internet

E Commerce and Internet. We are living in the age of technological advances. Development in our society began to happen post the World Wars, where in Industrial revolution started changing the face of economies. With evolution of Information Technology we first heard the Radio and later the TV that could capture pictures from the air and show it on … Read More

4 Important Changes to Google Ads Extensions: What You Need

Just recently, Google announced some changes to ad extensions—all of which are pretty good, but which may be a little confusing to beginner advertisers—so we’re clearing it all up in this post.

tweets about the google ads extensions update

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The four updates are as follows:

  1. Ad extensions are now called assets.
  2. [Legacy] extensions easier to create and preview.
  3. Combinations
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Google Ads Audience Targeting: All 15 Options Explained

When you think of Google Ads targeting, you probably think of keywords. What you probably don’t think of right away is audiences: showing ads to people based on who they are rather than what they’re searching for.

google ads targeting - keywords vs audiences

Audiences are one of the most powerful and underutilized targeting strategies in Google Ads, and you can target audiences in Search, Display,

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10 Awesome B2B Website Design Examples (+Takeaway Tips)

B2B website design requires a careful approach. A B2B buyer is nowhere as impulsive as a B2C buyer. They take their time to do extensive research before investing in any new product, and in some cases, multiple stakeholders are involved in the decision process. Just take Gartner’s illustration of the B2B buying journey:

b2b website design - b2b buyer journey

The point? Your website needs to be

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Customer Journey Map How-To (+7 Template & Examples)

Houston (and by Houston, I mean businesses), we have a problem: According to Salesforce, 68% of customers expect brands to understand their unique needs and expectations, but only 39% of customers feel that brands actually do this.

customer journey map - 68% of consumers expect brands to understand them

This is 🆖 (not good). So how do you make sure you’re actually being customer-centric?

Enter the customer journey map: A powerful tool

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Three Digital Marketing Strategies For HVAC Companies

Many companies in the HVAC industry know that digital marketing is an effective way to grow their presence on the internet. Some company owners and marketing teams already know how to produce helpful digital content, like offering heating and cooling tips or providing reasons why a new HVAC system might increase the overall value of your home. However, not every

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