Why Google Doesn’t Like Some SEO Metrics

We see Googlers over the years downplay, nullify and even mock some SEO metrics. They’ve done this with third-party tools and their own tools – heck, that is why they did away with the toolbar PageRank metric. But why do Googlers dislike these SEO metrics?

John Mueller of Google explained on Twitter that his issue with them is that many

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Google Says No SEO Benefit To Hosting On A CDN

Google’s John Mueller was asked if there is an SEO benefit to hosting on a CDN, a content delivery network. The short answer is no, as long as your host is fast, then you are fine – there is no added benefit to hosting on a CDN.

John Mueller added that if your crawl activity is slow and you have

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12 Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need To Know

Did you ever play Tetris? If so, you probably remember how there was no real way to “beat” the game. It basically just got faster and faster with every level.

In some ways, search engine optimization (SEO) is the same.

Not in that it has a catchy 8-bit soundtrack or that it rewrites your dreams, but in that, it

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Google May 2022 Broad Core Update SEO Impact

Last week, on May 26th, Google released the long awaited Google May 2022 core update. The update really kicked into high gear quickly, with a ton of volatility noticed within 24-hours after it was formally launched. In my opinion, this update was one of the bigger core updates or Google algorithm updates we’ve seen in some time – at least

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Hartman’s Marketing Team Wins 2022 AMA Crystal Award for SEO

Hartman Income REIT’s marketing team.

The Hartman marketing team poses for photo with AMA Crystal award.

Houston, TX, June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The American Marketing Association (AMA), the country’s prestigious community for marketing professionals, announced the marketing team at Hartman Income REIT Management, Inc. (Hartman) as winners of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) category at the 36th Annual

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5 Tips From An SEO Expert

Wish you knew the secrets to getting your written content seen and ranked faster?

Want to know what’s slowing it all down?

We can help you understand how your content gets noticed and crawled by Google so you can create naturally higher-ranking pages, blogs, and more.

Once you understand how Google sees your content, you can quickly determine how to

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