Reza Sardeha on the Domain Aftermarket

If 2022 ended today, I would be pleased with the results. Thankfully, the year started off very good for my business. I feel particularly fortunate because I’ve had mid-6 figures in sales fall through after price and terms were agreed upon with fully vetted buyers. Had the year not gotten off to a good start, it would have been demoralizing to experience this.

Since the beginning of June, though, I have noticed a bit of a slowdown. With a little more than 1,500 domain names in my portfolio, though, I have never felt that my results are indicative of the overall domain name aftermarket conditions.

Swetha Yenugula has become well-known for her .XYZ domain name sales and portfolio. Every week, it seems like she’s sharing great domain name sales on her Twitter account. A short while ago, Swetha posted something I can relate to – a quiet June:

Reza Sardeha, CEO and Founder of, replied with some qualitative information about the current state of the aftermarket.

With my smaller portfolio, it can be tough to understand what is systematic and what is just bad luck for me. I appreciate that Reza offered some insight from